Orchid show

Fashion to be featured at Tainan orchid show.

Orchid show

Sixty outfits designed by local fashion designers may steal the spotlight from thousands of colorful orchids on display at an annual orchid show in southern Taiwan this weekend, the organizers said.
“It is the first time we have expanded the Taiwan International Orchid Show from an exhibition to include a fashion show,” said Tseng Chun-pi (…), secretary-general of the Taiwan Orchid Growers Association, which is organizing the event.

Local designers Dai-lee (…), Carole Chang (…) and Gioia Pan (…) designed 10 garments each using orchids as the theme, he added. The move is part of an effort to broaden the orchid show, to be staged in Greater Tainan from Saturday through March 18, into a more diverse event.

“We’re making the annual event a carnival, in which people can see high-quality agriculture, biotechnology, creative culture and tourism,” Greater Tainan Mayor William Lai (…) said.In addition to orchid displays and competitions, a 330m2 area will be set up for orchid-related products, including beauty masks, perfumes, bags and umbrellas.

“It is not only the most important orchid show in Tainan, but also in the country,” Lai said.
Orchids are one of the nation’s most important agricultural exports, the mayor added.More than 3,000 foreign visitors and buyers have been invited to the fair, including people from Brazil, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, which are seen as new potential markets for Taiwanese orchid exporters, the organizers said.

The nation’s flower exports totaled US$194.56 million last year, up 10 percent from a year earlier, government statistics show.

Sales of dancing-doll orchids posted the biggest annual increase, rising 25 percent to US$18.44 million, while sales of moth orchid species grew 16 percent to a record high of US$114.12 million last year, statistics showed.


Kelly Osbourne – Fashion Police Host Kelly Osbourne Rushed To Hospital after Seizure on Set.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne, the host of E!’s Fashion Police has been hospitalized after she experienced a seizure on set yesterday .

The reasons behind the unfortunate incident are still unclear, but the 28-year-old star’s rep had this to say about the incident: “Kelly Osbourne fainted on the set of E!’s Fashion Police today. She was taken to a local hospital for further testing and is awake, alert and in stable condition. She will be staying overnight for observation as a precautionary measure. There are no further details at this time.”

Reports of the incident say that while recording the show, Kelly first turned to her co-host Melissa Rivers to say she wasn’t feeling well, before falling off her chair and going into a violent seizure. According to The Independent, Osbourne is still recovering in hospital and her condition is stable, however no new information has been revealed about what could have caused the episode.
Meanwhile, Kelly might not be back on top form just yet, but that didn’t stop her from taking to Twitter to reassure her fans: “Thank U all 4 UR beautiful well wishes. Yes I did have a seizure they are just trying to figure out why.” So, while some loose ends still need to be tied up, it looks like everything turned out alright for the young socialite. We here at Contactmusic would like to wish Miss Osbourne a quick and easy recovery.

Shopped here

Adele, Angelina shopped here: vintage fashion shop, its owner star in Smithsonian TV series.

Shopped here

When Adele wants to make a vintage fashion statement, stylist Gaelle Paul has a go-to source: the cleverly named The Way We Wore shop.
Now TV viewers can peek inside Los Angeles store owner Doris Raymond’s 19th- and 20th-century collection that’s lured shoppers Anne Hathaway, Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie, as well as top designers searching for inspiration from the past.”L.A. Frock Stars,” a Smithsonian Channel series debuting 8 p.m. EST Thursday, is both a fashionista’s delight and a chance to see passion at work with Raymond, who’s made finding and selling great old duds a quest for more than 30 years.

“The show is about spreading the gospel of vintage,” said Raymond — which translates, for example, to a 1940s jacket with tailoring and fabric that would cost $1,500 to replicate today but can be had for less than $200.

Rayond’s tidy but chockful shop also has racks of impressive labels including Chanel, Versace, Halston and Gucci, and the stuff of fashion history like the first version of the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress that launched the designer’s career.
Those are found above-stairs at the shop, to be surveyed by VIPs and vintage mavens who also can ogle — or shell out for — such rare items as an intricately made 1920s dress priced at $6,000. The ground floor is the “democratic” section, as Raymond puts it, with less-pricey garments and accessories.

But even those are likely to be in the hundreds of dollars: Don’t mistake The Way We Wore for something in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ clever “Thrift Shop” tune, which celebrates Goodwill-style bargains (“Thank your granddad for donating that plaid button-up shirt”).
“It’s not like going to a thrift shop. This is a high-end, fully curated vintage clothing store. It’s really picky,” said Raymond, who sees her stylish inventory as both art and a link to social history.

The shop

The far-from-ordinary garments are what draw stylist Paul and her client Adele, who came in recently on a scouting expedition.
The shop has “designers that I don’t know where else I would find them,” Paul said, such as James Galanos. “It’s just great you can get those designers and their really strong pieces. It’s not the average 1950s dress you find in vintage stores.”
A recent day saw actress Samantha Mathis escorted upstairs, while a first-time shopper who wandered in for a party frock was downstairs admiring, wide-eyed, a 1926 hand-beaded French cotton tulle gown for about $3,000.
“When I’m going to get married, I’ll take a vintage dress,” said Anna Ovdienko, a Russian-born psychologist now living in Los Angeles.

The Way We Wore is a popular resource for film and TV productions, including “Titanic,” ”Casino,” ”Boardwalk Empire” and “Mad Men.”
Designers find something even more precious: a means to rethinking their approach to modern fashion by looking backward to the construction and materials used by distant counterparts.

Museum-quality garments from couture houses and older, unlabeled ethnic designs are safely tucked in Raymond’s back office, with John Galliano and Alexander McQueen among those who have dropped in to shop. Designers from J. Crew and other retail chains have done the same.

Celebrities including burlesque artist

The six-episode series includes visits to The Way We Wore by celebrities including burlesque artist Dita von Teese and actress Debi Mazar (“Entourage”). A singer-songwriter, Alexandra Starlight, preparing for a showcase performance at South by Southwest, is tickled to learn that one of glittery outfits she’s trying is by Fabrice Simon, who costumed Tina Turner.

On-screen pop-ups give viewers a bit of history about the Haitian-born Simon and other designers mentioned on the show, part of Raymond’s mission to enlighten as well as buy and sell (she scours estate sales, vintage auctions and more for potential finds).
At her insistence, “L.A. Frock Stars” is minus the trumped-up drama tailored for many reality shows. But Raymond’s drive and a sassy workplace “family” including Sarah, Shelly Lyn, Jascmeen and Kyle keep it lively.

Raymond, who discovered second-hand clothes as a teenager when her family fell on hard times, is part of a vintage mini-wave on TV that includes Bravo’s new “Dukes of Melrose,” featuring the owners of LA’s Melrose Avenue boutique Decades.

For the Smithsonian Channel, owned by a joint venture between Showtime Networks and the Smithsonian Institution, Raymond and her shop were the right way to expand the channel’s attention to style, according to David Royle, its executive vice-president for programming and production.

Even as “a guy not heavily into fashion,” Raymond’s enthusiasm and knowledge makes that world engaging, Royle said. “We are an entertainment channel and want to be fun and entertaining, but at the same time provide something substantial.”


There’s Still One Thing That Many Porn Stars Refuse To Do…

Adult film stars are known for pushing the limits. They get paid to perform sexual acts many have never even heard of, let alone seen before.

Porn stars will do most anything, it seems, except for one act that is still taboo within the industry: interracial sex.
Adult film star Aurora Snow wrote a thoughtful article this week for The Daily Beast, in which she reveals one of the first questions she was asked upon entering the ‘biz: “Do you do black guys?” [For the record, she does.]

It’s not a requirement within the industry to sleep with people of other races; in fact, it can even be seen as a career breaker — not maker.“Racism exists, and it exists in porn,” award-winning porn star Kristina Rose confirmed to The Beast.
The topic was brought to light recently when fans began to notice that popular porn star Alexis Texas has appeared in hundreds of adult films — but never with someone who isn’t white like her.

Texas refused to comment for the Beast’s article, but she isn’t alone with her preferences.

“According to LA Direct Models’ online listings, only about 20 percent of its performers are willing to film interracial scenes,” reports the Beast. “Another agency, Spiegler Girls, is more typical of top agents: 75 percent to 80 percent of its performers say they shoot interracial material.”

More progressive

More progressive

Snow confirmed the stats, saying “My experience has taught me that the adult audience is far more progressive than porn-industry leaders.”
Why is interracial sex on tape still taboo in the industry? Here are a few reasons:

Size. “One reason for some actresses’ reluctance might be size,” says Snow. “The sheer size of these guys can be intimidating.”
Career anxiety. “Most girls in the industry hear at some point from their agent or another performer that an actress can increase the longevity of her career by refusing interracial scenes,” adds Snow.
Pay. A current myth, alluded to in Kanye West’s song “Hell of a Life,” is that directors will pay a girl less once she has shot interracial scenes. As TMZ bluntly states: “More black equals less green.”
Stereotypes. “Consumers are still buying stereotypes. An interracial porn shoot frequently portrays the big black man with the tiny white girl. This remains a popular marketing strategy,” says Snow.
Family. “The No. 1 reason I hear,” adult actor agent Mark Spiegler tells The Beast, “and that doesn’t mean it’s true, is ‘my family wouldn’t like me doing it.’” Snow confirms, “I’ve met a handful of girls who thought their families would be more OK with finding out they did porn than finding out they did interracial porn.”
New territory. “Sometimes the first black guy they have been exposed to is in the industry,” says Tee Reel, a black adult performer-turned-agent. “It’s not as if they have some racist gene. They aren’t anti-black, they just never had the opportunity.”

Mark Spiegler is starting to notice an industry change, though.“In the old days, you start out slow and work your way up. But now the more you do the better. Sasha Grey and Katsumi started out doing interracial; it doesn’t seem to have hurt them,” he says.

“Some agents will charge a premium for girls who do interracial,” says Spiegler. “But we don’t do that: it’s the same rate for noninterracial.”
Instead, Spiegler argues that more work equals higher rates — not the color of skin of the person you’re performing with on-screen.Black performer-turned-agent Tee Reel tells the Beast: “As a black man, I don’t take it personally when a girl says, ‘I don’t want to do interracial.’ In the business, some girls who say they don’t do interracial I’ve actually had sex with off camera.”


Editors Spend A Staggering Amount To Attend Paris Fashion Week.


Paris Fashion Week is one of the biggest events in the industry.
Magazine and website editors come out in throngs to review collections and identify trends.
Lauren Sherman at Fashionista released a staggering estimate of how much it would cost to spend a week at the event.
The total? $19,560. That’s almost enough to pay an entry-level editorial employee.
Sherman factored in the cost of staying in a top Parisian hotel (nearly $1,000 per night), beauty treatments ($400 total), and fancy meals ($2500 for the week).
There’s recently been a backlash against Fashion Week. Many designers have begun boycotting to avoid the cost and frenzy. Even celebrities who sit in the front row aren’t making as much as they once were. It seems likely that before too long, cash-strapped magazines will begin to ponder whether this expense is really worth it.


Paris Fashion Week: runway report 7.


There’s something fitting (pun absolutely intended) about the fact the autumn/winter womenswear season ended just before international women’s day began. After all, what is fashion but a tool for women: to make their lives easier, to express their changing identity, to telegraph their status to the world? There’s a cosmic symmetry to the timing. And it begs the question (always a good question for a finale) in those terms, how did it finish up?
Comme ci, comme ça.
The last lap began promisingly enough, with a small Alexander McQueen presentation, reduced in scale and content because McQueen’s creative director, Sarah Burton, was on maternity leave after having twins (score one for women: brand acknowledges and accommodates personal life). However, the product on the runway was, if anything, more theatrical than ever: 10 looks that referenced “nuns, popes, angels, Virgin Queen”. No pressure there.

Hoop-skirted off-the-shoulder white lace Petit Trainon frocks came with a matching pearl ruff and generously belled sleeves; long leather skirts and matching caped jackets were encrusted in pearls and sported jutting, padded hip bones; a gold-embroidered bodice ended in an enormous skirt; and a puff of white feathers enveloped a dress like a cloud. It almost made a mockery of the whole idea of ready-to-wear: these clothes are clearly too elaborate to ever be produced, though they may be available to order, and while there are probably derivations in the showroom, there was no such hint on the runway.

Feminine power

However, if Shekhar Kapur ever wants to make a third instalment of Elizabeth, he would know where to source his costumes.
So what was the point? To show what an atelier could do? (Amazing stuff.) To pay homage to the idea, if not the reality, of feminine power? To let imagination soar and provide sartorial escapism from the humdrum of everyday life? Maybe all of the above. But fact is, the way to really empower women is to give them clothes that make them feel wonderful about themselves as they go about their day, not suggest they assume the guise of an archetype, no matter how extraordinary.

By way of example, in an odd coincidence, at Moncler Gamme Rouge designer Giambattista Valli was also thinking about royalty, animal and human, but grounded by the constraints of the brand’s outerwear remit; though the combination of alpine puffa and angelic wolverine princesses might sound weird, it translates as really fancy warm, largely water-resistant coats. And that, in its own way, is useful.

Perhaps that also explains the connection drawn by Miuccia Prada in her Miu Miu line between sportswear, literally defined (quilted down, ribbed knits, lots of zips) and a more classic silhouette, via a thread of navy and elongated belted shapes, lightened by the occasional Pepto-Bismol pink polka dot or candy stripe. It was a neat picture of the duality inherent in many women’s lives, and an argument for the fact that, if well co-ordinated, you can have at least some of it all.

Overcomplicate matters

As for Hermès, Christophe Lemaire was clearly making clothes for the town car, if not the sidewalk, with a big nod to brand identity: cashmere-soft leather or suede trousers and skirts and shirts; goats hair coats and shells; silk scarf shirts; and tuxedos to finish it all off. If it was all a bit obvious (and for a silk and leather house, it was), it was also impeccably on-message; a show of separates for women who want to pick and choose their pieces for themselves.
If they won’t necessarily spark up a life, they will at least cushion it in luxury, unlike Vionnet, which seemed likely to overcomplicate matters.

In her first full show for the brand, owner Goga Ashkenazi focused on the house’s famed signatures – bias-cutting, draping and the rectangle – to a slightly overwhelming extent. Interesting when applied to a thick navy knit paired with skinny pants, the cuts became distracting in dresses, especially when paired with Amazonian metal “disc” belts.

It wasn’t until Louis Vuitton, however, that a designer demonstrated the way a woman could own her stereotypes, invert them, and rework them to her advantage. Using the clichés of womenswear (and many of the trends that have been on view this season), from dressing table florals to feathers to menswear to lingerie dressing, 1940s suiting and 1930s gowns, and maybe even a brothel (the jury was out on this one: some saw the set, which involved door after door, as a hotel corridor; others saw something more suggestive) Marc Jacobs leeched them of fragility or any wannabe dimension, and then built them back up into the definition of soft power: clothes that looked as satisfying to wear as they were to watch.

By the time a herringbone gown came out – long-sleeved, fur-trimmed, winking with sequins like stars – it seemed possible to dominate a room with grace instead of by demand. Not just for a day, but for as long as desired.Or until next season, anyway.


Fashion To Open The Door Between New Zealand And Malaysia.

For immediate release.Fashion To Open The Door Between New Zealand And Malaysia.Porirua student to team up with Malaysia’s top emerging designers
New Zealand and Malaysia’s top emerging fashion designers are collaborating in a competition created by Education New Zealand to celebrate New Zealand Week, in Malaysia from 11 March 2013.

Emerging talent from both countries, including Whitireia Community Polytechnic student Natalie Smith, will work together ‘virtually’ in pairs to create four distinct outfits, which will be judged by leading New Zealand footwear designer Kathryn Wilson and Malaysian celebrity designer Bill Keith. Each collection will be based on the theme of ‘rejuvenation’, and be inspired by the rebuild of Christchurch city.

“The prospect of being judged by such renowned designers is pretty daunting but I am really excited to see what this collaboration will create. Working with a Malaysian student will be an amazing experience. I hope we can learn from the judges and create some unique pieces we can be really proud of,” says Whitireia Community Polytechnic student and participant, Natalie Smith.

Education New Zealand has developed the Virtual Re-Start Fashion Competition to showcase the quality of New Zealand fashion institutions and attract the attention of more Malaysian students, encouraging them to come and study in New Zealand.

“More than 2000 Malaysian students visited our shores last year and it is a privilege for Education New Zealand to foster on-going relations between both countries. The competition will showcase our cutting edge design talent and the high standard of education that fashion and design students can expect while studying within New Zealand,” says Grant McPherson, Chief Executive of Education New Zealand.


“The Re-Start Fashion Competition is an amazing way to showcase both New Zealand and Malaysian talent, and the fabulous opportunities made possible through the infusion of education and cultural diversity. It’s great to see Education New Zealand using creativity to market New Zealand education. These students represent the next generation in the fashion industry so I am really excited to see what they come up with,” says footwear designer Kathryn Wilson.

In the past, Education New Zealand has successfully attracted Malaysian students to New Zealand to study business, engineering and technology. The focus this year is arts and design, highlighting New Zealand’s growing reputation for design-related work on the international stage.

Students from institutions including Whitireia Community Polytechnic, Massey University, Otago Polytechnic, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, WINTEC, and Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) are competing in the competition.

Education New Zealand is working closely with both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT) and the Ministry of Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) in the delivery of the event as part of New Zealand Week in Malaysia.


Brief encounters on the catwalk.

With bikini lines at eye level, chicken fillets stuffed into bra cups and overzealous applications of fake tan, lingerie runway shows are often fraught affairs.
Underwear giant Bendon has been in the business for 65 years, but had never staged a catwalk presentation until it opened the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney last night.
The lingerie powerhouse took no chances on the catwalk, recruiting Jennifer Hawkins to open proceedings in a lace-trimmed push-up bra and knicker set by Loveable, for which she is an ambassador.
Youthful looks from Loveable were followed by sophisticated smalls from the likes of Pleasure State and Elle Macpherson Intimates on the runway at the Sydney Town Hall.
“Now is the right time to go ahead with a full-scale catwalk presentation, because we now really offer a brand for everyone in the market place, from small cup sizes for young ladies, through to a G cup and further than that,” said Bendon brand manager Victoria Jubbs.
The show marked the official launch of Evollove, a new fashion-forward range aimed at catering to the increasing number of younger women with a larger bra size.
“We were seeing a lot of feedback from within our retail stores from customers saying they wanted more fun colours and a fuller cup size,” said Jubbs.
“It’s very fun, sexy and flirtatious and it’s giving that customer something she hasn’t had before.”
The affordable range runs from D to G cups, which Jubbs said highlighted another challenge in staging a lingerie show that needed to span all fits and sizes.
“Finding the right models is the most difficult part,” she said.
“You need to have the right number of models for the right number of sizes that you’ve got.”
Larger sizes are performing well for Evollove.
“It’s a big commitment for retailers to take on a new brand in the current market place, and we’ve had a tremendous success with Evollove,” Jubbs said. “In Myer we are already seeing double the average sell-through in stores, which is fantastic.”
With more than 50 bricks and mortar stores in Australia and New Zealand, Bendon also last month launched an online store featuring 1500 products from 12 of its brands.


Now Magazines Airbrush Models Bigger.

Not long ago, all the controversy surrounding magazine airbrushing seemed to focus on models and actresses being made to appear way too thin (to the point that some actually lost limbs), but not so anymore. These days, magazines are increasingly Photoshopping models to appear heavier, because that’s what the public wants. “I have to airbrush clients to make them appear bigger and more womanly before I submit photographs,” a talent manager tells Fox News. “Skinny doesn’t sell.”

Thank Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and other curvy stars like Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton for the new trend of “bootylicious-ness,” says a celebrity stylist. But models are still, for the most part, ultra-skinny—and thus need the “reverse retouching.” “These poor girls have been forced to lose the very curves that the general public wants in order to find a woman attractive,” says a model manager and publicist. Some find the practice just as controversial as slimming down models, and it gets particularly ridiculous when health and fitness magazines do it in order to make models appear healthier.


Youngsters trash dating rules.

Forget the idiom, old is gold and just follow your heart. That seems to be the dating mantra for Gen-Next. So traditional dating rules like waiting three days to follow up after a date, have been termed outdated by the youth, says a survey. Online dating site YanikaBrides.com  found that 73% of women and 71% of men branded the traditional advice as ridiculous. Instead an overwhelming 89% of men and 77% of women preferred going on a same-day date if they were available.
The research, conducted in honour of the London Olympics 2012, saw its US users polling about their dating etiquette. But, the hard-to-get game plan is not completely outmoded yet.
In fact, it is not just women who are at it, even 41% of men admit to playing it cool. Besides this, half of both sexes admitted to searching a potential date’s name on Google or Facebook before meeting them.
Surprisingly, contrary to popular belief, 44% of women admitted to liking the cheesy pick-up line approach. Moreover, 75% of respondents admitted that they would prefer a phone call instead of a text. Jeannie Assimos, managing editor of the e Harmony advice blog claimed that for a more digitally aware generation these age-old darting rules don’t apply anymore.
“We are in an age where everyone is online, connected to their phones and used to getting an immediate response so some of the previous dating rules just no longer apply,” she said.
“However these stats show us that even though men and women no longer want to wait to hear from their dates, it doesn’t mean that people are more impatient,” she says, adding that over 75% of single men and women still want to talk on the phone rather than send a quick text. “We think that’s a good thing,” she said.

Free dating women

Speed Dating – Better on paper than practice for guys.

Speed dating is one of those types of dating that comes around again every few years, only for many people to realize that it really is a total waste of time and doesn’t really get you anywhere in the long run when it comes to dating. Let’s be honest about this guys and girls; how many times have you heard someone say “In those two minutes we were talking, something just clicked and I knew I wanted him/her for the rest of my life?”

Speed dating is just that – too speedy to really work. That is, of course, unless you are a particularly shallow person that bases their opinion on looks and doesn’t really care what is going on beneath this point.
The whole concept of speed dating is a good one – you meet the maximum amount of people in the shortest possible time frame, which when you think about it, does have the potential to work in some respects. However, at the same time, it is also difficult to judge someone on their entire personality from two fleeting minutes alone. How can you possibly base a decent opinion on someone that you have only just spoken to for a couple of moments? Unless you have the best one minute speech prepared that says everything about you that you want to say, you are pretty much stuffed.

The basics of speed dating are – you turn up to an event that a number of other people, preferably the same amount of boys and girls turn up at. You sit down, you have two minutes, (or a set amount of time) to talk to that person before a bell rings and the men, (usually) move around in a big circle to the next girl. If you like the person that you have just spoken to, you put a tick next to their name, and hope that they tick you for you to be matched at the end of the night.

From a girl’s perspective – it’s not a nice scenario to be in. You don’t want to sit down with a guy for two minutes, actually think you might like him only for the bell to ring, the guy moves on and you have to watch him flirt aimlessly with a whole bunch of other women. It’s like being put on trial – no one likes that really!

One particularly serious speed dating scenario that I personally encountered just a few months ago was with a girlfriend of mine that stated, “I really liked him, and then I had to sit there and watch him quite clearly have more fun with the girl that was sitting next to me, all big blonde hair and nice breasts!” Rebecca never went to speed dating again, and in all fairness, I think her confidence took somewhat of a knocking!

No girl wants to be rejected, especially very publicly as is often the case with speed dating. Perhaps rather than speed dating, it is wise for men to look at online dating instead where the rejection isn’t in front of 20/30/40 other people, and you definitely have longer than two minutes before you put a judgment on someone of the opposite sex!

Fashion Week Tokyo

Fashion Week Tokyo escapes comfort zone.

In what was the second season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo since the German car-maker crucially stepped in as lead sponsor when government funding dried up last year, 37 brands presented their collections for the 2012-13 fall/winter season from March 18 to 23.

So, having been hooked up to life-support courtesy of lead sponsor Mercedes-Benz — along with cosmetics brand Maybelline and express transportation company DHL as sponsors — how did this season’s staging of the twice-yearly Fashion Week Tokyo fare?

On paper, the 50,000 attendees to the shows and the week’s fashion-related events around Tokyo sure made it sound like a party to go down in history. Shows and events were streamed online at official websites, and those brought in an extra whopping 43,000 page views a day — or 302,000 over the week.

But still, it’s impossible to escape the fact that if fashion week and all its hubbub is meant to knock one’s socks off, then in Japan, yours will still be clinging to the feet.

That’s because the invite-only runway shows are but a small portion of the week, with 11 related events running in tandem that help round out the Japanese sentiment toward fashion. And it’s in that area Tokyo remains lacking. Where fans in New York City or Paris will happily try to push their way into industry shows, their Japanese counterparts seem to mutely prefer events catering specifically to them.


A first this year was Tokyo Runway, a Tokyo Girls Collection-like fashion festival held at Yoyogi National Stadium, which pulled in 14,000 people (mostly young women). An appearance by high-fashion supermodel Ai Tominaga delivered the cachet, and a convincing tie-in, as she modeled looks from popular mid-range brands already available on store racks. For the more mature consumer, there was Ginza Runway, also in its first edition, that showed — for 2,000 non-industry attendees — casual store-ready clothing on a 100-meter denim runway.

However, the mainstream runway shows were not without their own pockets of excitement. Front-row seats in Tokyo are usually desolate in terms of celebrity sightings, but this season saw famous fashionistas such as singer ICONIQ, Chiaki Ito of AAA and Miss Universe contestant Maiko Sakai taking prime audience spots at shows including Somarta’s and the one staged by newcomer A Degree Fahrenheit.

On the international front, 15 countries were represented among the media attendees, and buyers from around the globe numbered a healthy 121. As well, there were representatives of more than 100 of the world’s leading media organizations in town during fashion week.

For sure, all eyes were on Tokyo — but in most cases not because of the fashion shows. Rather, the media pack was here as guests of French luxury brand Chanel, which held a series of lavish parties and a couture fashion show to express its support for Japan in the wake of last year’s Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami.

Those events surely overshadowed Tokyo Fashion Week, and many insiders were left playing tug-of-war with time between the two. And though the visiting media hardly stepped into the Tokyo shows, it seems the fashion still rubbed off on some.

Few Japanese designers

The fact even one such as he knew of so few Japanese designers and brands supports the widely held view that the managing Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO) has for too long failed to get Japan’s fashion word out beyond the island’s borders.

Recently, however, JFWO have got select brands to show on-schedule at New York Fashion Week, India Fashion Week and at the massively popular Pitti Uomo trade show staged in Florence, Italy, where, judging from the hugely positive reception, it was clear just how much Japanese fashion is still sought after.

“All three overseas events had far more attendees than we expected. I haven’t seen lines like that to our booths ever before,” said JFWO Director of International Affairs Akiko Shinoda. “Next, I’d like to see us work on something with South Korea.”

Though it’s true that the elite fashion industry is always expecting overnight successes, when it comes to the awareness of and trust in the saleability of new fashion among shop owners, consumers and the international circuit, seeds of innovation are slower to take root.

It could be said, in fact, that neither Rome nor Chanel were built in a day — and it seems we’ve still got a few bricks to lay.

Janet Jackson

‘Success looks like this’: Janet Jackson unveils dramatically slimmed down figure in new ad.

She described herself as an emotional eater with serious body issues.But Janet Jackson is seen here looking confident and happy after a weight loss programme helped her shed the pounds.The 45-year-old singer, who has battled the bulge over the years, is in incredible shape in the promo snap from her Nutrisystem ad.Janet, the sister of the late Michael Jackson, shows off her figure in a tight orange dress and sky high Louboutin heels.She is yet to reveal how much weight she has lost – but a sneak peek of the ad has been released.Newly-slim Jackson proclaims in the commercial: ‘This is what success looks like,’ before going on to describe the Nutrisystem plan, based on eating low glycemic foods which leave you feeling full for longer.While she was once revered for her incredibly toned abs, Janet’s weight has yo-yoed over the years.Back in 2006 she tipped the scales at 180lbs before slimming down.However following the death of her brother Michael in 2009, Janet started to pile on the pounds.She is the latest celeb to use Nutrisystem to fight the flab, with Marie Osmond having previously shed 50lbs on the programme.Janet documented her weight struggle in her 2011 tell-all book True You: A  Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself in which she described herself as an ‘emotional eater’ with serious body image issues.Janet’s ad will premiere in full next Monday.


Topless swimming, table dancing, and cat fights: The Real Housewives of New York are back with some new additions.

Are these the Real Housewives or the Jersey Shore girls? In Bravo’s sneak preview for season five of The Real Housewives of New York audiences get a glimpse at Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill, and Heather Thomson as they join the cast.White wine in hand they navigate their way through name-calling, exotic vacations, topless swimming, table dancing, and the usual backstabbing cat fights which have made this reality series so popular.Last year, the Bravo series let go of four of their housewives – Cindy Barshop, Alex McCord, Jill Zarin, and Kelly Bensimon – leaving only Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, and Ramona Singer behind.In the clip, a dumbfounded Ramona cannot believe that her new blonde castmate Aviva – a cousin by marriage to nasally actress Fran Drescher – can wear sandals with her prosthethic leg. The blonde, who has four children with her investment banker husband, originally lost her left leg in a tragic farming accident when she was six years old.

The philanthropist and Wall Street wife went on the reality show to raise awareness for amputees.’I should bow down. Now we have a countess. Now we have a princess Now we have Queen Aviva!’ Ramona sarcastically lists during a hostile meal with Aviva. Aviva is far less than cordial to Ramona in a later clip, calling both her and Sonja Morgan ‘white trash.’

‘I regret having said those words,’ Aviva told the New York Observer by phone yesterday. ‘I have a much larger vocabulary than that. That scene illuminated to me that friendships can certainly take up and downs, and in that way the show – art, in quotation marks- imitated life. Ramona and I did not start out that way.’The Manhattan socialites are seen arguing in four-star restaurants, accusing each other of double-dealing and backstabbing, slurring salacious accusations, jumping in a swimming pool fully clothed while at a beach resort, and travelling to London. Less seen in the clip are the ladies’ husbands, careers, and children.In another outrageous moment, new castmember Carole Radziwill gets propositioned by Aviva’s 80-year-old father in the preview when he offers to give the shocked Glamour magazine contributor her ‘first squirting orgasm.’Carole is the widow of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ nephew the late Prince Anthony Radziwill.Also joining the cast is Heather Thomson the creator of Yummie, a successful line of shape wear. The brunette former stylist and designer for Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is seen breaking down when acting as mediator for two other housewives.In another clip, LuAnn is seen discussing babies with her excited count husband and, in another even juicier clip, she confronts Ramona, saying:’You blackmailed me. You called and threatened me, so own it. What other dirty tricks do you have to pull out of your Pinot-filled hat?’Let the fur fly.The premiere episode of season five airs on Bravo on Monday, June 4 at 9 p.m.

Fashion show

Fashion show to promote food that’s fresh and local.

The young Acadiana Food Circle is putting on a fashion show, food festival and concert on Saturday, April 7 at the Blue Moon Saloon.

Just a month after the local food group put out its first directory of fresh resources for consumers, the ACF is teaming up with local restaurants like Jolie’s, The Great Harvest Bread Company, and Cochon as well as four local bands and Boho Mercantile to give patrons the best of every side of Lafayette’s culture in the first “Fresh & Local” benefit.

The show starts at 7 p.m. with free food from the aforementioned restaurants. The fashion show begins at 8 p.m. Then bands, including Miss Emily and the Collard Greens, The Pits, Zydeco Mike & Louisiana Roots Band, and The Moss Pickers, will start at 9 p.m. Following the music, there will be a dance contest and party.

“The theme of the night is local,” ACF director Tyler Thigpen Cochran said.

Tickets for the event are $8 in advance, and $10 at the door. All proceeds benefit the ACF.

“This could be huge for us,” Cochran said. “We don’t have any operating funds. We’ve been supported with small donations, and the board members have donated funds to keep what we have going. I feel like this will put us on the map, and make us much more accessible to the public.”


A silver suit can be Sunday casual.

I first fell for will.i.am when he was a hippo. Specifically, the IQ-challenged muscle man hippo, Moto Moto, in Madagascar 2, and more specifically, the scene when Moto Moto first claps eyes on a new lady hippo – Gloria – at the watering hole.

He minces up, singing his personal mantra – ”I like ‘em big, I like ‘em chunky, I like ‘em big, I like ‘em plumpy …” – and so on, in a ludicrously deep seductive voice to a funky beat. Then he pays her his greatest compliment: ”Girl … you huuuuge.”

I watched it on repeat for days before doing a Google search to find out who had voiced the hilarious hippo and was amazed when it turned out to be the fellow I knew only as the leader of the Black Eyed Peas. Such breadth! Such talent! Such humour!

Since then, Mr Am has become a rather ubiquitous figure, turning up in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Date Night, and on all kinds of talent shows (he is a coach on Britain’s first season of The Voice). So I was not at all surprised that he rolled into Sydney last week. Nor was I surprised to see how great he looked. He is big into style. Before joining the Black Eyed Peas, he attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in his native Los Angeles. Alongside the music, the producing and the acting, he has designed various clothing lines.


There is a cool website for his menswear label I Am, with Fall 2011 featuring lots of great leather. It looks like it is the same pair of low-slung slouchy leather pants and unlaced black hobnail boots in every picture, mixed up with sportswear tops, knits, leather jackets and tailoring. I like it.

It seems to me that he brings a similar aesthetic to fashion as he does to music, mixing things up in surprising new combinations. And that is exactly what he is doing here in his Sydney Airport arrival outfit. He is wearing a silver-grey mohair formal suit with a vest – which looks like something most guys would only wear when forced, to a wedding. Yet he has made it into a relaxed, chill-out look, not remotely overdressed for nursing a Sunday morning flat white with this paper, in Victoria Street, which is something I would love to think he got to do while he was in Sydney, but fear not.

The secret is partly what he is wearing it with: a simple round-neck knit, in a toning shade of grey, as opposed to any kind of a shirt arrangement.

You can casual down a suit with an open-neck shirt (Nick Cave style), particularly if you are wearing no-socks Converse on your feet, but that is all rather seen and done. But sporting some very nice shiny leather shoes with his suit, Will is working a much fresher take on laid-back tailoring.

And the thing that drop-kicks this look into touch are the crazy white owl eyeshades. P. Diddy would never wear those. I also think the wires from his earbuds, heading into his vest pocket, like a modern take on a pocket-watch chain, keep the whole thing really funky.

American Idol

American Idol: Hollie’s fashion flop.

Poor Hollie Cavanagh. Her “Flash Dance” hit bombed and so did her turquoise fringy haystack of a dress. It was like someone gave her directions for wearing it – skip around like a nut job, and don’t forget to shimmy. The whole season has been a miss for this contestant – she’s dressed too old every time, though this might have been her worst.
The problem with some of the looks last night was a lack of authenticity. The contestants need to dress for who they are. Cavanagh should look like a young, fresh thing, not like some trying-too-hard diva.

Elise Testone failed here too. In a one-shoulder white blouse and long, black trumpet skirt that was not flattering, as well as too many blingy accessories, she went for torch singer instead of the rocker she really is. She looked soooo much better during her Tom Petty duet with Phillip Phillips wearing jeans and a berry colored peasant blouse.

And speaking of Phillips, puh-lease stop wearing brown – it matches his skin tone, beard and hair and dulls him down. Again he donned the super baggy jeans, along with a rumpled button-down and a brown tee. In the duet he looked better in a casual blazer and black shirt. The contrast is good for him, but truth told, he is the real deal – a bluesy rocker who cares more about the music than the look.

Deandre Brackensick was spot on in a button down, jeans and slim tie — the hair flowing – - he’s got a look. Colton Dixon did the rocker thing, again in his favorite skinny jeans worn with an oxblood leather vest and casual white tee shirt accessorized with a black scarf. Perhaps a bit too self-conscious but it worked.  And he’s gone blonder – he’s a handsome dude, and this, along with his manicured shadow of a beard was good.

Joshua Ledet needs to modernize his look. Again he went for a graphic, striped blazer (a slightly better fit this time around) worn with too-tight pants. He could look hipper and sound just as great.

Jessica Sanchez modernized the 80’s moment with a slim, ruffled acid washed denim jacket with big shoulders. Her tiny frame can rock almost anything – including the skinny leather pants she wore, and a cool white tee shirt with net cutouts and neon green straps. Her geometric jewelry story included a studded neon Lucite bracelet. Jennifer Lopez told her, “I love the way your look is developing.”  We can imagine that girls and young women are going to want to steal her look.

We have to admit that Skylar Laine came turned out better than usual, though still not fab in a raspberry colored prom dress (it matched the raspberry strand in her hair) with a high-low hem, and ew, white stilettos. Randy Jackson, sporting a red shirt with big multi-colored polka dots said, “I like the way you look,” and Ryan Seacrest added, “You look very pretty tonight.” Her decision to de-countrify in a fashion sense was conscious. She said, that she put on “a pretty ol’ dress.”

Best look of the night? Seacrest, who appeared on “The Today” show in New York early yesterday morning, but looked fresh as a daisy for this LA gig later in the day donning a perfectly tailored charcoal Burberry suit with a purple pocket square. He’s the man.

Victoria Beckham

Seeing red: Victoria Beckham becomes a redhead as she is transformed into an exotic cover girl.

As a pop star-turned-fashion designer, fans have seen Victoria Beckham trying out a wide variety of styles.But surely this is one of her most exotic yet as she turned redhead for a striking shoot for Harper’s Bazaar China.With bright red hair tied back and wearing very revealing couture, the mother-of-four is transformed for a dramatic new look.Wearing an intricate Asian head-dress in one image, the 37-year-old flashed a lot of skin in a daring black crossover top.In contrast to the Scouse brow many British celebrities have been sporting, Victoria appears to have a feathered brow, with her eyebrows brushed upwards giving a less groomed appearance than usual.The striking images have been described by some bloggers of making Victoria appear like a video game character.

Victoria donned a red wig for the shoot, taken by famous Chinese photographer Chen Man, who is known for her dramatic cinematic effects.

The star’s shoot with the Chinese edition of the women’s glossy comes after she also posed for Harper’s Bazaar UK.

In the interview, she said she represented the average woman when it came to trying on her designs.Victoria explained that since she became a designer she prefers to wear her own clothes to feel more at one with the customer.But last year she was left disappointed she couldn’t try on her designs as she was pregnant with her much longed-for daughter Harper.She told Harper’s Bazaar UK: ‘We always joke that we have this fabulously gorgeous 17-year-old model who is six-foot-whatever and then I say “OK, I’m going to put it on. I stand for the general public here”.

‘It’s how I work. I found it really difficult when I was pregnant and I couldn’t do that. It’s part of the process – I’ll stand here in my knickers and start draping fabric over myself. It was very hard when I didn’t have my body.’

A glamorous gift

A glamorous gift! Jennifer Lopez dresses up in a clinging low cut turquoise number for a special birthday dinner with toy boy beau Casper Smart.

Jennifer Lopez made sure it was an extra glamorous night of celebration for her toyboy boyfriend Caper Smart yesterday as they celebrated his 25TH birthday together.The American Idol judge looked stunning in a clinging turquoise dress complete with matching glittery clutch bag as they arrived at West Hollywood hot spot Cecconi’s. And the 42-year-old singer ensured she showed off her famous curves in the low cut number.Her 25-year-old dancer boyfriend looked a little more casual in a flat cap, and a black zip up top. The pair looked in good spirits as Casper took the wheel of their car to drive home from the eatery.It had been an extra special day for Smart who had spent the day out shopping with his famous other half in Beverly Hills. ‘We hope Beau has the happiest Birthday Beau ever has!’ Jennifer Lopez she tweeted earlier yesterday. It isn’t clear if she was treating her man to some gifts, though it’s more than likely. Although they have been dating for less than a year, Smart seems at home with Lopez’s twins Max and Emme. Earlier this week, they were spotted taking the youngsters to meet the Easter Bunny at The Grove shopping centre.Smart and Lopez recently made headlines with their racy new video for Lopez’s single Dance Again in which they strike a number of steamy poses. The young dancer appears shirtless in much of the video, while she shows off her enviable curves in a black strapless basque.The striking video debuted on American Idol last Thursday.


‘I wanted to kill myself’: Imogen Thomas opens up about her year of hell after Ryan Giggs affair.. and finding love again.

This time last year she found herself in the middle of a scandal after it was reported that she had had an affair with a married Premiership footballer.

Imogen Thomas was then branded a homewrecker and worse when it was revealed that Ryan Giggs was the sportsman in question but she denied that she had intended to blackmail him by going to the press about their relationship.

And she said that things got so bad that she had death threats, was scared to leave the house and even moved to try and get away from it.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Imogen, 29, also revealed that she contemplated suicide because she couldn’t take the abuse any more.

She said: ‘I was on antidepressants and I turned to alcohol. How can any girl cope with all that? I’d drink a bottle of wine a night, more if there was another bottle there.

‘It was a way of making myself feel different. But with the drinking comes the tears.’

She admitted she was scared some would ‘glass me’ if she went out.

Imogen also revealed that she would call her mother telling her she couldn’t take it any more but added: ‘I never went as far as “I’m going to do it” – I couldn’t do that to my family, they mean so much to me.’

Imogen stressed that she doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her and even though it’s still raw, she is trying to move on and wants to put everything behind her.Starting with a new romance, this time with Australian city trader Adam Horsley, who she met in a bar six months ago and who had no idea who she was.

She said: ‘I don’t want to be with someone famous. I think you’ve got to have someone real, who’s down to earth and treats you the way you should be treated. I totally love Adam. He treats me like an absolute princess.’

But Imogen said she is not the marrying kind and as much as she loves and cares for Adam, she has already warned him not to propose.She said: ‘I just want someone to tell me they love me. I really want kids, I can’t wait for that. I’d have kids any day but marriage scares me.’And her last thoughts on her turbulent year? ‘Everything happens for a reason’, she said. ‘I’m a strong believer in fate.

‘There’s no point looking back. You go through life constantly making mistakes. You can’t look back and go, “I should have done this, I shouldn’t have done that”.’

Miley Cyrus

Did you really exercise in that dress? Miley Cyrus ditches workout gear for sexy little black dress for pilates class.

Miley Cyrus has flaunted her muscular middle in an array of crop tops and bralets recently.However, today it was a different story as the 19-year-old star was seen wearing a tight black mini-dress to pilates class.With her hair in a loose updo, Miley’s sexy LBD was suited more for a night out than a sweaty pilates studio. Her dress showed off a bit of the lacy black bra she wore underneath her bizarre workout ensemble.Perhaps she had a workout ensemble stuffed into the small Navajo-printed bag she had slung over her shoulder. With an iPhone in one hand and a Smart Water in the other, the starlet escaped the snapping photographers just as fast as her Converse sneakers could take her.Then the Hannah Montana star laughed before ominously warning the paparazzi to ‘stay away from’ her white Mercedes Benz sports car as she left Melrose at Pilates earlier today.The Last Song star has been extremely health conscious in the past month, often tweeting about her five-mile runs, going uphill in Skecher’s Shape-ups, drinking spinach carrot OJ smoothies, and eating Good Habit’s gluten-free homemade granola.She has been working out like a maniac and as the pounds continue to melt off her already slim frame she clearly wants to flaunt the results.The fit actress has been taking on darker roles lately. In LOL, she stars as Demi Moore’s rebellious 17-year-old daughter Lola who explores her sexuality and experiments with drugs.The movie, which also stars Twilight’s Ashley Greene, is a remake of the 2008 French film of the same name and will be released in June.‘It’s pretty gnarly. It is about a daughter who is involved with all the wrong kids, doing drugs, failing school, but the mother has her on this perfect pedestal. I just fell in love with the story,’ Miley told Reuters.Miley also stars alongside Jeremy Piven and Kelly Osbourne in So Undercover, a film in which a tough, street-smart private eye is hired by the FBI to go undercover in a college sorority. That film comes out July 27.

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model Poses With Straight Size Model In Controversial Spread.

As evidenced by last year’s Vogue Italia spread, naked plus size models tend to get people talking.Katya Zharkova is the latest girl to shed her clothes, and she’s making quite a statement.

Zharkova snagged an 8-page editorial for PLUS Model Magazine, in which she appears totally naked…and surrounded by captions with controversial statistics. For example: “Twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today she weighs 23% less.” And also: “Most runway models meet the Body Mass Index physical criteria for Anorexia.”

Of course, these stats can’t totally be taken for face value. There’s no mention of the weight of the average woman 20 years ago as compared to now, just that of models. In addition, the criteria for anorexia involves more than just a specific BMI. That said, these numbers are still jarring. The photos are also jarring — not because of the nakedness or Zharkova’s body, but because of the use of an anonymous (we never see her face) straight size model that Zharkova holds and lies on.
What’s the point of the editorial? The mag explains:

The answer to the question is this, there is nothing wrong with our bodies. We are bombarded with weight-loss ads every single day, multiple times a day because it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that preys on the fear of being fat. Not everyone is meant to be skinny, our bodies are beautiful and we are not talking about health here because not every skinny person is healthy.

What we desire is equality to shop and have fashion options just like smaller women. Small women cannot be marketed to with pictures of plus-size women, why are we expected to respond to pictures of small size 6 and 8 women? We don’t! When the plus size modeling industry began, the models ranged in size from 14 to 18/20, and as customers we long for those days when we identify with the models and feel happy about shopping.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams reveals she was sexually molested as a child by family friend.

The actress has since moved on from the incident, saying ‘it didn’t paralyze’ her.

Though she’s created a TV career based off her comedic skills, Vanessa Williams has been hiding a painful secret that has haunted her since childhood.

The actress reveals a difficult past in which she was molested by a family friend at age 10.

The admission, excerpted in this week’s People magazine, comes in the “Desperate Housewives” star’s upcoming memoir, “You Don’t Know.”

Williams, 49, says the fateful night that shaped much of her life afterwards occurred during a trip to visit family friends in California. The family’s 18-year-old daughter snuck into the room Williams was sleeping in and allegedly pulled down the bloomers of her baby-doll pajamas.

“‘What are you doing?’ I asked,” writes Williams of the encounter. “‘Don’t worry—it’ll feel good.’ I lay there paralyzed. What was going on? I didn’t speak. She kept at (the molestation) for I don’t know how long. She slid my bloomers back up and whispered: ‘Don’t tell anyone.’ ”

Williams, a former Miss America, didn’t tell anyone about the incident for many years.

“For years I kept Susan’s visit to myself, I didn’t really understand until college,” writes Williams. “I was with my boyfriend and it hit me and I blurted out: ‘Oh my God – I was molested.’ ”

“After that trip I felt something change in me,” she notes. “I had always been defiant, but I became a bit more rebellious. I began to pull away from my parents.”

Despite the horrific experience, Williams told People that she has since moved on.

“It didn’t paralyze me,” she tells the magazine. “And I don’t dwell.”

American Apparel

American Apparel Makes Pubic Hair The Focal Point Of New Ad.
We probably should have seen this coming. But despite taking a slight tack to the more conservative by forgoing models for hand-drawn images in their last round of ads, American Apparel is back doing with they do best: conflating hyper-sexualized imagery for marketable “edginess” — in this case, by showing a model’s pubic hair.

This isn’t the first time American Apparel has shown bush. Porn star and actress Sasha Grey offered a peek of her pubes in a fall 2009 campaign and the aforementioned drawn ads featured a model au naturel, if you will. While Copyranter wonders if this is the brand’s “sleaziest ad ever,” we just think it’s the least effective. Despite being quite obviously eye-catching and despite the fact that we’ve now looked at the image closely at least a dozen times, we still couldn’t tell you exactly what the model is wearing without taking a refresher glance.

And our issue isn’t with the bush. Shave it, grow it, wax it, show it — personal grooming habits are nobody’s business but their own. Our issue is, once again, with the repetitive gratuitousness of all their ads.

American Apparel is no doubt trying to up their edgy ante, but the use of pubic hair as a provocation just falls flat. While Carine Roitfeld’s use of pubes in Vogue Paris last spring felt refreshing, this image seems to be highlighting the hair for provocation alone. Ooh! Look! She’s not waxed! She must be extra sexual. I should buy those panties! Or something.

Anyway, that’s just our take. What’s yours?

Carpet Wardrobe

Nip slips, missed color memos, lost shoes, broken zippers — wardrobe malfunctions come in many different forms. But what do you call the decision to go commando while wearing a sheer mesh minidress, as Adrienne Bailon did Thursday night? ‘An accident’ seems far too kind.

Bailon, for those unfamiliar with her oeuvre, is a former Disney Channel Cheetah Girl and an ex-girlfriend of Rob Kardashian. She also sat front row at Whitney Port‘s Whitney Eve fall 2012 show. Suffice it to say: she appears somewhat haphazardly on red carpets.

Last night, she stepped out for the inscrutably named Escape to Total Rewards event in New York in a see-through barely-black dress, the back of which featured lace paneling and the front of which appeared to be covered with a froth of ruffled ivory fabric. Unfortunately, the fabric wasn’t so much secured to the front of the dress as it was draped, which means that an errant gust of wind (or a deliberate turn) unveiled all of Bailon’s purposely uncovered nether regions.

Kim Kardashian romance

Kim Kardashian on Kanye West romance: ‘You never know what the future holds’.

Still going through divorce proceedings, the reality star said she’s ‘really ready to move on’.

Kim Kardashian is keeping up the hype over her rumored rebound with Kanye West.

The brunette bombshell, 31, stopped by NBC’s “Today” on Friday and giggled through a series a questions about her whirlwind dating spree with the 34-year-old dapper rapper.

Asked if she enjoyed sitting with West in a dark theater for a showing of “The Hunger Games” on Wednesday, Kardashian dodged the real question.

“The movie was really interesting,” she told Ann Curry with a laugh. “I’m glad (co-host Matt Lauer) is not doing the interview on this part, you know, with the Kanye questions.”

Curry laughed too, but took the challenge to dig deeper.



“On Twitter they’re even calling you Kimye. Do you want to clarify this in any way,” Curry asked.

“I completely respect and understand that you have to ask these questions, but I’ve said before, Kanye and I have been friends for years,” Kardashian said.

“You know, you never know what the future holds or where my life will take me,” she continued. “So… I like the song!”

West’s new track, “Thera Flu,” includes the lyrical confession that he “fell in love with Kim” around the same time she fell for husband Kris Humphries, 27.

“Well that’s cool, baby girl, do your thing. Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team,” West raps, dissing the hoopster hubby who plays for the New Jersey Nets, the team owned by West’s good friend Jay-Z.

Curry asked the still-married celebutante why she hasn’t given in to Humphries’ request for an annulment of their 72-day marriage.

“I’m sure I would love one myself, but you know, there’s certain guidelines on how you can get one and I’m not sure that we fall under that,” the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star said.

“We are still going through a divorce, so there’s not really much that I’m allowed to talk about. Out of respect for him, I try not to really talk about stuff, you know, involving him regarding that situation,” she said. “I’m just really ready to close that, I have closed that chapter. I’m just really ready to move on.”

Moving on is what she did in Manhattan this week.

After Kardashian and West’s movie date Wednesday, the two visited the hot new interactive play “Sleep No More” on W. 27th Street, hit nearby Manderley Bar and had a sleepover at the rapper’s Tribeca pad.

Kardashian was photographed leaving West’s building at 10 a.m. Thursday in the same clothes from the night before.

The duo then met for lunch with friends at Serafina on E. 61st Street before heading over to the nearby FAO Schwartz for some shopping. The couple then dined at Cafeteria in Chelsea Thursday night.

“Kim likes Kanye,” a friend of the reality star tells the Daily News. “She’s happy to have met someone who like her and understands her crazy life.”


Jay-Z checks out blue diamonds for fourth wedding anniversary with Beyonce as singer launches Twitter, Tumblr accounts

The rapper was spotted yucking it up with longtime associate Jacob Arabo of Jacob & Co.

Do we sense a trend here?

Jay-Z was spotted shopping for some bling for wife Beyonce in honor of their fourth wedding anniversary, and sources told the Daily Mail that the diamonds he had his eyes on were, well, blue.

The rapper was snapped leaving Jacob & Co. jewelry store in Manhattan deep in conversation with pal and longtime associate Jacob Arabo Wednesday, but he appeared to leave empty-handed except for a water bottle.

According to the Mail, Jay-Z was interested in Arabo’s collection of rare “Lumina” blue diamonds.

“I know he checked out colored diamonds, the rare blue ‘Lumina’ in particular,” a source told the site.

Jay-Z and Beyonce have an affinity for the color; the rapper’s album “The Blueprint 3″ went platinum upon its release in 2009 and the diva singer frequently dons blue nail polish in honor of the couple’s first child together, Blue Ivy, 3 months.

The jewelry shop stop comes amid rumors that the musical couple is set to renew their vows in a ceremony later this year.

A source tells Star magazine that Jay-Z “told Beyonce earlier this year that he wanted to marry her all over again.”

“They want the ceremony to be simple but elegant,” the magazine reports. “They’re having Nobu cater it, and Jay put together a special presentation showing him and Bee through the years.”

On Thursday, Beyonce let fans in on some personal moments of her life as well, with a newly launched Tumblr featuring photos of her and Jay-Z goofing off with family.

“This is my life, today, over the years – through my eyes,” she wrote on the site. “My family, my travels, my love. This is where I share with you. This will continue to grow as I do.”

The notoriously private star also wrote her very first tweet, garnering more than 3,500,000 followers in less than an hour.

Most people

The best advice you’ll ever hear in regard to weight management is throw away your scale. The focus, or obsession, on weight is the very reason why most people fail. It’s misguided and dangerous. The focus on weight began back in the 1950′s when the definition of appropriate weight was simple. Your weight was compared against the ideal weight tables developed by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

That insurance company designed a height weight chart based upon the average American citizen. If your actual weight was 20 percent or more above the table weight, then you were considered obese. If it was 10 percent under, you were underweight. Today, however, the term ideal weight is irrelevant.The original weight table standards were designed for insurance purposes, not as guides for nutrition and fitness. These tables never considered body composition. In other words, they make no distinction between lean body weight and fat body weight. Most world-class bodybuilders (usually less than 8 percent body-fat) would be categorized as obese by the original weight tables.


As an example, consider these two characters: Jay Cutler (a professional bodybuilder) and Fat Albert. Both are 5’9,” both weigh 265 lbs. and let’s say that both of them are 32 years old. (These are the real statistics for Jay.) Using the old ideal weight chart designed by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, we find that both of these men are clinically obese.

In reality, Fat Albert really is obese while Jay Cutler is one of the healthiest people on the planet. The error is that the height weight chart doesn’t account for differences in body composition; it only measures weight. Therefore, without taking lean body weight vs. fat body weight into account, it’s impossible for the bathroom scale to tell you if you’re at your ideal body weight or not. More importantly, when you do begin to lose weight fast the scale will never be able to tell you if you’re experiencing fat loss or muscle loss.

What Is BMI, And Why Should I Care?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a relationship between weight and height that is associated with body fat and health risk.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is widely used to determine an individual’s ideal body weight. Similar to the height and weight chart, it is essentially the relationship between a person’s weight and height. The formula used to calculate it is: BMI= (Weight in Kilograms) / (Height in meters squared).

This measurement, also known as the Quetelet Index, was developed around 1830 to 1850 and is attributed to a Belgian named Adolphe Quetelet.

According to most experts, a BMI of 20 to 25 is considered healthy. BMI of less than 20 suggests an individual is underweight while 25 to 29 indicates an overweight person. 30 and above is a sign of obesity.


BMI provides an estimation of fat content in a person’s body, and is probably accurate for most people. Results may vary, however, because BMI doesn’t take into account the differences between lean weight and fat weight. For example, athletes may develop significantly higher muscle mass. Muscle contributes more to overall weight than fat. As a result their BMI may be higher than average despite a lower fat content.

Conversely, elderly people who have suffered some deterioration of muscle mass may have lower BMI with higher fat content.

Again, using our Fat Albert/Jay Cutler example, we find that their BMI is an identical 39.1 (obese). Remember that we’re using Jay’s real statistics here, and Jay is certainly not obese. That’s the danger of relying only on BMI as an indicator of fitness – without differentiating between lean body mass and fat body mass, the result is skewed.

Still, for the average American without Jay Cutler-size muscles, the BMI can be a fairly accurate measurement of health.

There are two convenient places where you can find a BMI calculator. First, just ask the friendly staff at your local health club. They will be more than happy to calculate your BMI and body fat percentage. Another resource is the on-line BMI calculator found at the Department of Health & Human Services site. Both sources are accurate and can help you determine if your BMI is in the acceptable range.The way to measure and determine one’s fat to lean muscle proportion is to determine body fat percentage. The body fat percentage is the percentage of an individual’s weight that is fat. It is entirely possible for a person that’s ‘heavy’ on the scale to boast a low body fat percentage. Jay Cutler, for example, weighs in at 265 pounds but has a body fat percentage well below 10 percent. Fat Albert, on the other hand, has a body fat percentage greater than 50 percent. Body fat analysis is the only method that truly reflects the fitness level of the person.

Few Americans

Sure, the Jay Cutler / Fat Albert example is extreme. Few Americans are as overweight as Fat Albert, and even fewer have the muscle that Jay does. But this extreme example does prove the point that weight control is best measured through body fat analysis.

Only body fat analysis allows you to determine whether you are losing fat or losing muscle. The difference is critical to your weight loss success story, since losing muscle will only lead to further fat gain. On the flip side of the equation, if your goal is to gain muscle then only body fat analysis will show exactly what type of weight you’re gaining: muscle or fat.In short, body composition testing (also known as body fat analysis) is the only proven method to accurately test whether or not you’re at your ideal weight.

To have your body fat analysis done, visit your local fitness center. In just a few seconds they will accurately and safely determine your body composition. Your personal physician can also perform this test.

Many Americans are trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, the best weight loss program doesn’t focus on just weight loss but on real fat loss. When it comes to measuring progress, the scale and Body Mass Index (BMI) both fall short for many people because they don’t distinguish between lean weight and fat weight.

Only body fat analysis can provide an honest assessment of whether or not you’ve arrived at your ideal body weight. So what exactly is your personal ideal body weight? Whatever you weigh when your body fat percentage is in the recommended range!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt gets a digital breast reduction in ads for new show, ‘The Client List’.

Actress’ curves are noticeably missing from sexy ad.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ample curves were drastically dialed down in a new advertisement for her upcoming show, “The Client List.”

Two ads promoting the Lifetime series were released — one showing Hewitt in her natural form, and another in which the actress appears to have undergone a serious breast reduction.

Photoshopping in advertising is nothing new — but it’s usually to enhance curves, not flatten them.

The 32-year old actress said she had no idea about the digital nip and tuck.

“Somebody sent me a copy of the photograph, and I was like, ‘Ummm . . . what happened?’ ” the sultry star told The Kevin & Bean Show from KROQ on Friday.

“I’m not quite sure what’s going on. But apparently somebody wanted me to have a boob reduction.”

While the original ads — showing Hewitt’s true curves — appeared on Hollywood Reporter and across billboards in Los Angeles, the altered ads only showed up in Entertainment Weekly.

“The thing that’s even crazier is that usually when they do that stuff, I had to see the photograph before they went out anywhere, and I never saw a new version of it,” Hewitt told the radio show.

“I don’t know what happened. At least [Entertainment Weekly] still ran the ad, and they’ve been very kind to us.”

“The Client List” is based on a 2010 Lifetime movie of the same name about a single mother who moves to Texas and begins working as a high-end prostitute.

Hewitt opened up about the risqué role in a recent interview with Parade magazine.

“It’s meant to be provocative and it’s meant to be a fantasy,” she said. “Television is supposed to allow you to escape into other worlds and watch other people do things and forget about your life for a minute.”

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